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TikTok offers new anti-bullying feature

TikTok anti-bullying feature

TikTok has introduced a new anti-bullying feature enabling users to select up to 100 comments and delete them simultaneously.

“To manage interactions on a video, people can long-press on a comment or tap the pencil icon in the upper left corner to open a window of options, TikTok said.

“From there, people can now select up to 100 comments or accounts rather than having to go one by one, making it more seamless to delete or report multiple comments or block users in bulk,” the company wrote. 

TikTok anti-bullying feature

The company also said, people go out of their way to produce creative content on TikTok, and we know how frustrated you can feel when receiving unkind comments via videos.

Previously, content creators had to go one by one when flagging, deleting, or blocking, so this new system should help people and possibly even encourage them to delete comments that they don’t want to see.

According to a TikTok statement, the feature should be especially useful on the app, because the network algorithm can transform anyone into a star in an instant, putting them suddenly in front of millions of unknown viewers.

This can also put amateurs and content creators alike in a position to receive spam, and the platform needs to provide a means for them to deal with it on a scale commensurate with the massive viewership of videos.

The feature is being rolled out today in specific markets and globally in the coming weeks, the company said.

The latest feature is one in a series of anti-bullying features, including the option to agree to comments one by one before they appear and a prompt that tells people to reconsider their posts if the app thinks they have written something that goes against the community’s rules.

The platform suffers from a bullying problem, and in a survey conducted by the security research firm in 2020, parents of children who used social media reported that 64% of them had experienced online bullying via Tik Tok, making it superior to Instagram, which was considered Formerly the most popular platform for bullying.

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