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The West ignores Chinese vaccines: competition or distrust?

Developing countries compete to obtain vaccines to for their own people, developed countries compete to sell their products. But the West doesn't trust the Chinese vaccines

As developing countries compete to obtain vaccines for their own people, developed countries compete to sell their products. Still, the West does not favor the Chinese vaccines for geopolitical, marketing, psychological, or other reasons.

Perhaps it is because the virus initially spread in china.

COVID-19 has killed more than 1.75 million people around the world, and caused the worst economic crisis since 1929.

Various vaccines

Many companies put their vaccines in the market. Pfizer BioNTech experiments were more than 90% successful.

Moderna announced a vaccine more than 95% successful. In addition, University of Oxford developed a vaccine but it results were somewhat confusing.

Russia developed Sputnik vaccine which appeared to be effective.

However, no official agency confirmed the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine which citizens tested in the framework of the “state of emergency”.

Chinese companies are producing four Chinese vaccines. State pharmaceutical company Sinopharma produced two of them, and Sinovac produced another.

Cansino company is producing the last vaccine directed mainly to the military.

Countries using the Chinese vaccine

Jerome Kim, director of the International Vaccine Institute, a non-governmental South Korea-based organization, said that this extraordinary initiative is used in emergencies.

China was not the only country that encouraged the emergency use of these vaccines. Both Russia and the UAE allowed the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V and the Chinese vaccines.

However, lack of information on the on these vaccines and poor control on their side effects raise many questions about their safety.

Effective vaccines

The Chinese authorities and companies say that the vaccines are safe and have minimal side effects, such as fever, itching, fatigue and dizziness.

The competent Chinese authority is still working to evaluate the results of the third stage. However, since there were not many infections in China for months, china seemed to have the tests abroad.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping promised that the vaccines will be effective and available to the public around the world.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin also pledged that China “will help developing countries get the vaccine at reasonable costs”.

Regardless of the low prices, the Chinese vaccines use traditional methods. They mainly rely on the use of dead virus particles to expose the body’s immune system to the virus without a dangerous reaction. This is what distinguishes the Chinese vaccine.


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