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Financial report: Kuwait ended corruption and money waste

Kuwait corruption

Kuwait has been able to save billions of dollars by stopping corruption and waste of public money during 2020, Al-Shall Financial Consulting Services said in a financial report.

The report said the State Audit Bureau of Kuwait saved funds on public finances, as part of its plans to stop wasting public money.

According to Al-Shall’s report, the value of the funds provided by the financial accounting amounted to 1.1 billion dinars ($3.65 billion) during 2020.

Kuwait ending corruption

“In three and a half months between midMarch 2020 and the end of June 2020, the Audit Bureau studied 827 topics that cost about KD 1.4 billion. The study saved about KD 44.4 million to the treasury,” the report said.

“Their emergency team for the pre-control sector cases studied 550 topics 46% of which are related to the pandemic and the rest (54%) were for other emergency issues 64% of which passed, 3% of which were violations, 13% were rejected, and 20% were withdrawn.”

“It gave some examples of confusion, perhaps corruption suspicion for some of the studied topics. For example, the Ministry of Health requested to purchase health supplies, including face masks. Three stock figures were submitted: 200,000 masks from the MOH, zero masks from the MOH too, and 300,000 masks from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.”

Other requests

“Another example makes the Ministry of Health more bearable as it requested to purchase 200,000 sterile 500 ml at 880 fils per package, and the Ministry of Defense requested to purchase the same quantity and the same quality, but at a price of KD 2.950 per package.”

“The two ministries as we know are within the same cabinet. In light of the pandemic which requires constant coordination among the ministries and under severe liquidity drain pressure and had it not been for the Audit Bureau, two deals would have passed with such disparity in prices.”

Kuwait suffers from a liquidity crisis and difficulty in providing the state budget, as the country suffers from the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic.


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