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expatriate workers in Oman decreased by 218,000 during March

Expatriate workers in Oman

Expatriate workers in the government and private sectors in the Sultanate of Oman has decreased significantly last March, by 218,000 migrant workers which is 13%.

Data issued by the National Center for Statistical Information of Oman (NCSI) also indicated that the number of expatriate workers in the government sector decreased last March to 40,898, compared to 53,332 in the same period last year.

Number of expatriate workers decreased in the private sector to 1,403,287, compared to 1,608,781 in the same period last year.

Expatriate workers in Oman

Data of the electronic census of population, housing and establishments of 2020 also indicates that the number of expatriate workers who hold a higher education diploma in the government and private sectors in the Sultanate have decreased to 13,632, in the period from March 2020 – March 2021.

NCSI announced a decrease in the percentage of expatriates in Oman to less than 40%, in light of the repercussions produced by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The number of Omani nationals in the country reached 2,757,983 people, which constitutes 61.20% of the total population of the Sultanate, while the number of residents reached 1,749,485 people, or 38.80%, according to NCSI.

NCSI revealed late last year that the number of migrant workers in the country decreased by 16% during 2020.

More than 270,000 expatriates left the Sultanate from the end of 2019 until last November, according to NCSI.

NCSI is the responsible authority in Oman for providing official and reliable statistics to be used in setting policies and programs nationally, regionally and internationally.

It is a government center with legal personality established by Royal Decree No. 31/2012. It is located in the Governorate of Muscat.

The center aims to meet the needs and requirements of the state for official statistics and documented information for use in developing policies and programs at the national, regional and international levels in light of economic accelerated variables.

NCSI also aims to meet the requirements of all parties in obtaining information in developmental fields.

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