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Zakat Fund reaches target revenue for H1 2021

Zakat Fund

The UAE-based Zakat Fund has reached its target in collecting 76% of its revenues in the first quarter of 2021 with an amount of AED152,513,269 (about $41.5 million).

“101,855 Zakat givers authorized the fund to distribute their Zakat money through various channels, which was a 58 percent increase compared to the same period last year,” said Abdullah Aqeeda Al Muhairi, Secretary-General of the Zakat Fund.

Most of the revenues came through the traditional channels, namely: the Zakat Centre and bank transfers (totaling AED80,054,304), followed by revenues via smart applications (totaling AED46,829,700), and electronic payments valued at (AED21,639,957).

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and relates to giving of a set portion of one’s wealth in charity.

Zakat Fund

Last April, Smart Dubai has collaborated with the Zakat Fund to launch a new and secure zakat payment service on the government app DubaiNow in time for Ramadan.

The new service allows users to calculate their zakat amount in accordance with Sharia, and then pay the full amount or part of it.

Abdullah Bin Oqeedah Al Muhairy, UAE Zakat Fund’s secretary-general, said the new payment channel through DubaiNow is an interpretation of the directives of the federal government that call for enhancing strategic partnerships with local governments.

He added that Smart Dubai was the first entity to communicate with the Zakat Fund. Al Muhairy also acknowledged the role played by the Zakat Fund’s strategic partners and their contribution to upgrading its services.

DubaiNow can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android.

The app also provides access to more than 130 services from over 30 government and private entities.

The fund is an authority specialized in Zakat aiming to increase awareness of Zakat and establish the concept of its effectiveness and importance of its role in the development field on the individual and society levels.

It works to revive this duty in application and practice for the benefit of the various needy segments in accordance with Shari’a principles.


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