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World Bank threatens to cut Lebanon’s vaccine aid over violations

The World Bank threatened to suspend financing  for Coronavirus vaccines in Lebanon due to over line-jumping violations.

The World Bank’s regional director, Saroj Kumar Jha, warned the Lebanese authorities of suspending financing for Coronavirus vaccines if violations of the rules that must be followed during the vaccination process are confirmed.

The Lebanese authorities revealed intention to vaccinate MPs and Parliament workers over 75 in accordance with the regulations, while the presence of the media was denied.

Jha said the vaccination plan “is not in line with the national plan” agreed with the World Bank and “we would record it (as a) breach of terms and conditions agreed with us for fair and equitable vaccination.”

The World Bank “may suspend financing for vaccines and support for COVID19 response across Lebanon!!” Jha tweeted earlier Tuesday. “I appeal to all, I mean all, regardless of your position, to please register and wait for your turn.”

To help Lebanon buy vaccines and initiate a national vaccination campaign that covers two million people, the World Bank has allocated $34 million dollars, making it the first country to benefit from the bank’s initiative.

World Bank Transparency standards

The World Bank insists on adopting the highest standards of transparency in managing the vaccination process, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization. the recommendations include giving priority to health workers, people over 65 years of age, and people suffering from chronic diseases.

According to information circulated from the House of Representatives, 17 MPs and 23 employees received the vaccine, and all of them are over 75 years old or suffering from chronic diseases, and they registered their names through the platform of the Ministry of Health.

The World Bank continues to monitor the implementation of the vaccination campaign, and it has mandated the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to monitor compliance with the national plan and international standards, and has established a joint international monitoring committee to contribute to the follow-up of vaccination operations.

The vaccination process, which began on February 14, is fraught with question marks and chaos in hospitals.

Complaints emerged stating that the deadlines were not adhered to on the Ministry of Health platform, and vaccinations were given to people who have not registered on the platform, or whose turn has not yet come, and are not among the priority groups.

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