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Wind-Powered Cargo Shipping Illuminates Future

Pyxis Ocean Cargo Ship

BNR – A pioneering cargo ship, outfitted with big wind-powered sails of British origin, has embarked on its voyage. It propelled the shipping firm Cargill towards a more sustainable future.

The deployment of these innovative WindWings sails holds the potential to cut fuel consumption and reduce the shipping carbon footprint.

Shipping accounts for approximately 2.1 per cent of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. However, it now aims to navigate a more environmentally conscious trajectory through this transformative technology.

Test Voyage of Pyxis Ocean Marks Industry Shift

Pyxis Ocean, on its first voyage from China to Brazil, stands as a test for the efficacy of wind-wing propulsion.

Incorporating wind wings that remain folded during port stays and unfold while at sea, this technology rises to 37.5 meters. Constructed from the same durable material as wind turbines, these wings harness the force of the wind. They offer a promising means to reduce a cargo ship’s lifetime emissions by as much as 30 per cent.

Jan Dieleman, President of Cargill Ocean Transportation, conveyed the industry’s commitment to decarbonisation. He acknowledged that while there is no singular solution, this technology demonstrates the rapid evolution underway.

Dieleman also emphasised the industry-wide consensus to play a role in this endeavour.

Future of Shipping Curtailed by Lack of Official Support

Developed by the UK-based BAR Technologies, the wind-wing concept finds its origins in high-speed sailing. John Cooper, Head of BAR Technologies, noted that despite its gradual development, this innovation carries immense potential for the planet.

Cooper projected that by 2025, nearly half of the new-build ships could incorporate wind propulsion.

While the technology hails from the UK, the wings themselves are manufactured in China due to cost considerations. Cooper lamented the absence of government support to reduce the expense of steel, expressing his desire to manufacture wings domestically.

The Pyxis Ocean’s voyage marks a significant milestone towards more environmentally conscious maritime practices. It illuminates a future where wind-powered propulsion reshapes the shipping industry’s trajectory towards a greener horizon.


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