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We believe Apple will announce the iPhone 11 on this day – CNET

The Apple iPhone XS.

Angela Lang/CNET

Every year, Apple needs to whip up something exciting if i..

The Apple iPhone XS.

Angela Lang/CNET

Every year, Apple needs to whip up something exciting if it wants to get people hyped about the next iPhone. The same holds true especially for this year. With iPhone sales falling 12% in the fiscal third quarter, profits expected to dip to $9.6 billion, more people trading in their iPhones for Androids, and upcoming competition from Samsung with the Note 10, the company needs to make sure its iPhone 11, 11R and 11 Max (or whatever they'll be called) will be compelling enough to draw new customers or keep current customers updating.

So when will Apple officially announce the 2019 iPhones? The company hasn't sent out invitations to any iPhone events yet, but based on previous years, I predict Apple will unveil the next iPhones on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Keep in mind this is just an educated guess, and we have no confirmation from Apple itself if this date is correct (Apple didn't immediately reply to a request to comment.) However, there are a few reasons why this is the likeliest date.

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For the past seven years Apple has announced iPhones either in the same week as Labor Day, which is on the first Monday in September, or the following week. In the past, if the US holiday occurred on Sept. 3 or earlier, Apple announced its iPhone the following week. When Labor Day landed on the Sept. 5 or later, as it did in 2015 and 2016, Apple announced the iPhone the following Wednesday (two days after Labor Day). Peep the chart below to see what I mean:

Apple iPhone release and announcement dates (2012-2018)

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iPhone model and year Announcement date Release date
iPhone XS/XS Max (2018) Wednesday, Sept. 12 Friday, Sept. 21
iPhone 8/8 Plus (2017) Tuesday, Sept. 12 Friday, Sept. 22
iPhone 7/7 Plus (2016) Wednesday, Sept. 7 Friday, Sept. 16
iPhone 6S/6S Plus (2015) Wednesday, Sept. 9 Friday, Sept. 25
iPhone 6/6 Plus (2014) Tuesday, Sept. 9 Friday, Sept. 19
iPhone 5S (2013)


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