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Gulf countries hold 3% of US Treasury bonds

US Treasury bonds

Gulf countries acquired 3% of US Treasury bonds last October, a gulf report said.

The report said that the Gulf countries acquire $227.2 billion of US Treasury bonds, and rank 12th among the world’s largest investors.

Saudi Arabia’s share amounted to 51.3% of Gulf investments ($116.5 billion), followed by the UAE with 23.3% ($53 billion).

Kuwait came third with a share representing 20.2% ($46 billion), while Qatar with 2.7% ($6.2 billion).

Oman came next with a 2.2% ($5.1 billion) share of the Gulf states’ holdings. In the last place came Bahrain with 0.2% ($410 million)

US Treasury bonds globally

Globally, Japan topped the world’s largest investors in US Treasury bonds, with its holdings of $1320.4 billion. Then came China with $1065.4 billion, United Kingdom with $579.8 billion, Ireland with $324.3 billion, and Luxembourg with $314.3 billion.

In the sixth place came Switzerland with $291.8 billion. The Cayman Islands came next with $257.7 billion, then Brazil with $247.7 billion, Taiwan with $242.4 billion, France with $239.6 billion, then Hong Kong with $233.4 billion.

Saudi investments

Saudi investments in US treasury bills and bonds at the end of last October fell 6.3% ($7.8 billion) to $116.5 billion (436.9 billion riyals). This is compared to $124.3 billion (466.1 billion riyals) at the end of September.

Saudi Arabia maintained its 17th rank globally among the largest investors in the US debt instrument.

Saudi investments in US treasury bonds were distributed to $99.4 billion in long-term bonds, representing 85% of the total, while about $17.1 billion in short-term bonds constituted 15% of the total.

On an annual basis, Saudi Arabia’s balance of US Treasury bonds and bills decreased by 13.2 %($17.7 billion) at the end of October. This is compared to $134.2 billion at the end of the same month of 2020.

Countries around the world are racing to invest in US Treasury bills, because of their advantage in terms of investment and good interest rates on the long term.

In recent years, the United States has issued a large proportion of Treasuries with rising debt.


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