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Update your iPhone NOW – Apple has fixed three bugs that let hackers hijack your phone from anywhere

The three vulnerabilities were found to be being exploited by hackers.

Details about the attackers and their targets have not been shared.

That means we don’t know if cybercriminals were trying to exploit iPhones en masse or just those of select targets.

According to Google Project Zero team lead Ben Hawkes, the three ‘zero-day vulnerabilities’ are called: CVE-2020-27930, CVE-2020-27932 and CVE-2020-27950.

All three are believed to be exploited together as part of a chain that lets attackers hack your iPhone from a remote location.

One of the vulnerabilities lets attackers run malicious code remotely on your device.

Another allows them to steal content.

All iPhone users are advised to update to the new 14.2 software to be on the safe side.

The iPadOS 14.2 and watchOS 5.3.8, 6.2.9, and 7.1 updates also all fix the problem.

You can only download iOS 14.2 on an iPhone 6s or newer but those with an older iPhone should update to iOS 12.4.9.

In other news, the new iOS 14.2 update also brings new emojis and new iPhone wallpapers.

Samsung may be following in Apple’s footsteps and ditching free chargers and earphones from the box of its next smartphones.

And, the iPhone 12 has been labelled as the “the most durable smartphone ever” by researchers who conducted a drop test experiment.

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