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Tweet Buster: How to build a bespoke midcap portfolio; will rupee rally ahead?

NEW DELHI: Benchmark indices closed higher for the first tim..

NEW DELHI: Benchmark indices closed higher for the first time in four weeks. Multiple positive developments on the global trade front pushed the stocks higher. But what would guide the market next week is Union Budget.

"There will possibly be an increase in volatility ahead of Budget. Since the importance of the event is high and is able to produce significant trend, we believe it is better to be on the sideline and see the outcome," said Mustafa Nadeem, CEO of Epic Research.

Amid all this, top Dalal Street investors handed out investment tips as Indian markets struggled to find their trajectory. Let's take a look.

Arun Thukral, MD & CEO at Axis Securities

>Don't get perturbed by short-term fluctuations

Equity #markets always bounce back. In FY02-03, during the dot com bust, equity markets corrected by ~13%. In the n…

— Arun Thukral (@arun_thukral) 1561789758000

> Fear of loss a barrier to healthy investing

The fear of loss is a major barrier to healthy investing. If thorough research is done to pick up good #stocks from…

— Arun Thukral (@arun_thukral) 1561704492000

> Be patient

Most retail investors feel tempted to sell when the #markets touch a high. This trading approach is quite contrar…

— Arun Thukral (@arun_thukral) 1561550203000

> Saving & then investing way to make money

Small steps go a long way in building financial wealth. Start by #saving at least 20-25% of your income every month…

— Arun Thukral (@arun_thukral) 1561354455000

Basant Maheshwari, Co-founder at Basant Maheshwari Wealth Advisors

> To err is human

One mistake investors make is to think that the market will change trend mid-way – just because they are betting on…

— Basant Maheshwari (@BMTheEquityDesk) 1561780116000

> Excess of everything is bad

Why analyse so much? We dont apply too much mind on the Nifty because irrespective of whats happening to the inde…

— Basant Maheshwari (@BMTheEquityDesk) 1561377116000

Safir Anand, value investor

> Behaviour has a great role in succeeding in market

The good part of booking a loss in a scrip that went wrong is it feels good again once you get rid of it. Behaviour…

— Safir (@safiranand) 1561404854000

Shyam Sekhar, co-founder, iThought

> Choose your own risk appetite

Building midcap portfolios is like bespoke tailoring. It needs to be customised to the investors risk appetite. C…

— Shyam Sekhar (@shyamsek) 1561600964000

Sekhar also tweeted about the sorry state of affairs in the Indian market.

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