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Turkish car exports account for 12.8% of total exports

Turkish car exports

Ankara, (Business News Report)|| Turkish car exports accounted for 12.8% of Turkey’s total exports last February, according to a statement issued by the Turkish Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association.

The association said that the value of Turkish car exports amounted to $2.5 billion last February.

The share of the auto industry sector in the country’s total exports during the same month amounted to 12.8%, the statement also indicated.

According to the same source, last February, exports of supply parts increased by 18% to $1.126 billion, while exports of passenger cars decreased by 7% to reach $819 million.

Exports of goods buses also decreased by 20.5 percent, reaching $417 million.

Exports of mini buses and medium buses decreased by 0.2% to reach $67 million.

Last month, there was an increase of 15% in spare parts exports to Germany, 30% to the United States, 28% to Romania, 24% to Poland, 21% to Russia, 19% to Slovenia, 17% to Italy, and 10% to Morocco.

Last February also witnessed a 69% decrease in passenger car exports to Morocco, 68% to Belgium, 36% to Poland, 35% to France, 31% to Slovenia, and an increase of 56% to Sweden, and 44% To Egypt, 42% to Poland and 15% to Germany and the United Kingdom each.

As for exports of cargo vehicles, they decreased last February by 58% to France, 56% to Germany, 52% to Belgium, 41% to Slovenia, 40% to Spain, 19% to the United Kingdom, and increased by 31% to Italy.

While the exports of “mini buses and medium buses” decreased in February by 38% to Germany, by 21% to France, and by 15% to Portugal.

Last month, the sector witnessed a 10% increase in exports to Germany, worth $383 million, while it decreased by 1% to the United Kingdom, to reach $275 million, and by 5% to Italy, to record $216 million.

Meanwhile, the value of exports of this sector in Turkey was $2.2 billion last January.

In a related context, Turkey’s total exports amounted to $225.4 billion during 2021, achieving a growth of 32.9 percent, compared to 2020, according to data issued by the Turkish Exporters Council.

The data also indicated that Turkey’s total exports at the state level (excluding exports from free zones) amounted to $206.6 billion during 2021, achieving a growth rate of 32.2 percent.


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