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Jordanians pin high hopes on tourism sector recovery

tourism sector

Amman, (Business News Report)|| Jordanians and officials are pinning high hopes on the country’s tourism sector recovery this year, after a major recession during the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to insiders, the features of this recovery are gradually beginning to appear in light of the movement in the Jordanian tourism sector.

A jump in the number of visitors to the country since the beginning of 2022 has led to a state of optimism about the return of the tourism sector, which is one of the main pillars of GDP growth, to its previous activity and the possibility of correcting some of the chronic financial imbalances that have been exacerbated by the health crisis.

The monthly bulletin issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities showed a remarkable increase in the total international visitors in the first third of this year by 295.9 percent on an annual basis.

According to statistics published by the official Jordan News Agency, the total number of tourists coming to the country between January and April last year amounted to more than one million visitors, exceeding the expected numbers.

The number of overnight tourists in the sector’s facilities, especially hotels, increased in the first four months of this year by 280.5% to reach more than 902,000 visitors.

The number of one-day visitors increased by 415.8% to exceed 156,600 tourists.

Last April witnessed a significant growth in the number of international tourists, which rose by 290.5% on an annual basis to reach more than 278.8 thousand tourists.

According to the bulletin, the increase in the number of visitors to the country and the increase in tourism income came as a result of the government’s recent easing of travel restrictions.

The government is armed with a plan that adopts several short-term measures for a period of three years, medium-term measures for a period of five years, and long-term measures up to a period of ten years related to “Vision 2033” that the government will implement.

Tourism also bore the biggest tax for the economic closure, as the pandemic took a heavy toll on the sector’s facilities for months, depriving the country of important revenues in light of its frantic quest to boost the economy and confront the lack of resources.

The tourism sector, which is intertwined with nearly 90 professions in an indirect way, constitutes a strategic tributary to enhance the country’s reserves of hard currency in addition to the revenues of commodity and service exports, grants, loans and foreign aid.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s economy, with a population of about 10.4 million people, and the desert making up about 92% of its land area, depends largely on its tourism income, which constitutes 13% of GDP.

Official data indicate that the sector directly employs more than 55 thousand workers in a country that does not possess oil wealth.


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