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This £3m fund wants startups which can spot airport security threats

The government is looking for startups which can help it det..

The government is looking for startups which can help it det..

The government is looking for startups which can help it detect threats more quickly and more cheaply at airports.

The Home Office and the Department of Transport have launched a £3m fund to invest in companies and universities which come up with new ways to detect explosives in luggage.

This funding will support ideas for new ways to spot if electrical items have been tampered with or appear irregular and develop technology which can successfully screen hand luggage without passengers having to remove their phones, laptops and tablets first.

Security minister Ben Wallace said: “We need to embrace and encourage the talent from industry that will allow us to stay several steps ahead of those who wish us harm.”

The government also hopes to speed up the security process by developing portable devices which can let security checks happen in different locations throughout airports.

Aviation minister Lord Callanan said: “The safety and security of the travelling public will always be our top priority but we understand that this can sometimes be inconvenient. As technology improves we want to make the aviation experience quicker and easier for all holidaymakers.”

This comes a day after the Office of National Statistics reported crime rose by 13 per cent between June last year and the same month this year.

The report showed there were 5.2m offences in England and Wales in the last year, the first time in a decade the number has passed 5m.

Once the bomb-detecting technology is ready for commercial use, it will help airports ability to prevent terrorist attacks on planes and improve the pre-boarding security experience of passengers.

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