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Syrian Industrial Sector affected by Power cuts

The Syrian Ministry of Electricity cancelled excepting Industrial Sector from power cuts.
The Syrian Ministry of Electricity cancelled excepting Industrial Sector from power cuts.

The Syrian Ministry of Electricity cancelled excepting Industrial Sector from power cuts.

The decision will take place from Thursday evening until Sunday morning every week to save electricity for homes during winter.

The decision included the industrial zones in the Adra region in the countryside of Damascus, Hasya in the countryside of Homs, and Sheikh Najjar in the countryside of Aleppo.

The government’s decision to include factories in a program in power cuts exacerbated the country’s industrial sector crises.

Increasing costs

The decision will increase operational costs as work does not stop on the days mentioned in the decision to complete orders.

Haytham Mila, General Manager of the Damascus Electricity Company, said excessive loads on the electrical network, which led to Damascus’s power outages, caused cutting electricity on industrial facilities.

He said Damascus electricity share has never decreased. However, the increase in abnormal loads during the past two days has led to frequent power cuts.

The Syrian government raised diesel prices by more than 116% late last year.

In addition, the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources reduced gasoline quantities distributed to the provinces by 17% and diesel by 24%.

Trade unionists said the industry has declined by more than 60%. As a result, many industrial establishments have closed their doors.

Experts and observers say the government is resorting to such measures as it is challenging to secure raw materials from abroad.

The government withdrew from financing imports and pursuing dealings other than the pounds, which increases the factories’ crises.

Abdul Jalil Saeed, an energy expert, said the decision is due to “the lack of oil derivatives (fuel and diesel) that operate the power plants.

He said Damascus’ current electricity production doesn’t exceed 37.5%, at a rate of 3,000 megawatts. At the same time, regions Syrian need about 7,000 megawatts.

Homes in Damascus get 9 hours power cut every day, while the number reaches 20 hours in other cities.

Sanctions’ Impacts 

Prime Minister Hussein Arnous said the sanctions on the country limit oil imports.

He said, “the cost of a litre of diesel is about 1,000 lira, while the government is selling it at 180 pounds to citizens, and at 650 liras for industrialists”.

The government intends to import more crude oil, to cover the fuel and gasoline shortages due to the Western sanctions, which disrupted Iranian oil shipments.

He said Syria had imported 1.2 million tons of Iranian crude oil during the past six months, in addition to other petroleum products of $820 million.


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