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Should HBOs Chernobyl have had more actors of color? Twitter suggestion met with ridicule

HBOs hit new series based on the Chernobyl tragedy has divided opinion online, but the oddest reacti..

      HBOs hit new series based on the Chernobyl tragedy has divided opinion online, but the oddest reaction yet has come from a budding UK actor wondering why the shows creators had not chosen more people of color for the cast.      

While the docudrama has come under criticism for various historical inaccuracies, until now, the lack of racial diversity among the actors was not one of those criticisms — for the simple reason that 1980s Ukraine was not exactly a thriving hub of modern-day multiculturalism.

i dunno… there are so many great actors of colour in this country that would've been amazing in #chernobyl, i guess i'm just disappointed to see yet another hit show with a massive cast that makes it look like PoC don't exist.

— karla marie sweet (@karlamsweet) June 1, 2019

That should have been no reason to leave black and brown actors out though, according to actress Karla Marie Sweet, who tweeted that there are “so many great actors of colour” in the UK who “wouldve been amazing” in the series. Sweet felt “disappointed” to see “yet another hit show with a massive cast” that “makes it looks like PoC dont exist.”

Just to clear up any confusion, the show “makes it look” like that to reflect the reality of the time and place — and the producers seem to have been at least trying to create an authentic vibe.

Needless to say, Sweets tweet didnt exactly go down well on Twitter, where she was promptly told to “learn history.”

no offence, but have you seen ukraine/russia of 1986

— katherine (@kathcroissant) June 3, 2019

Sorry, but you need to learn history

— Sanders (@Shadow1882) June 3, 2019

“You didn't see PoC because they're not there!”

One user said perhaps the actors were chosen for the same reason that Martin Luther King should probably not be played by a white person — because he was black.

May be it's in the same reason why Martin Luther King is never played by white – because it would be strange, Mr.King was black. There were no PoC in USSR 35 years ago. Absolutely.

— Yegor Bykovsky (@OldCompiler) June 3, 2019

Another said he was taking a screenshot of the thread because “nobody will believe” something so stupid could have been posted.

Im screening this thread cause nobody will believe me that something that stupid was posted.

— Антон Иванович (@donottalk) June 3, 2019

To be fair, Sweet did at least acknowledge the lack of people of color in the USSR in another tweet, but suggested that since the actors spoke with British accents (it was a British production), the creators should have just thrown accuracy completely out the window and hired a more diverse-looking cast. Emotions like fear, panic and sadness can be “communicated just as effectively”Read More – Source