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Richard Nixons Son-in-Law Predicts Trump Will Survive Impeachment, Win 2020 in Small Landslide

The son-in-law of former President Richard Nixon said that he thinks President Donald Trump will not..

The son-in-law of former President Richard Nixon said that he thinks President Donald Trump will not only survive impeachment, but will easily win another term in office next year.

Ed Cox, Nixons son-in-law, told the New York Post that Trump “is going to fight right through” and that the pressure Nixon felt in the 70s after Watergate was much worse because “there were no defenders back then.”

“There was no back and forth then—he didnt see it coming. Why should he have? It didnt happen to Eisenhower. It didnt happen to FDR. He was never prepared for thinking that impeachment would be used as a political weapon as it was back then,” said Cox, who earlier this year stepped down from heading the New York Republican party to become national coordinator of the Trump Victory fund.

The political alignment at the time also helped lead to Nixon resigning rather than facing being the first president to ever be impeached and removed from office.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani gestures next to Ed Cox, the New York Republican party chairman, during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 19, 2016. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Nixon “was the only president since at least World War II who … didnt come in with at least one house on his side,” Cox said.

Trump faces a Democratic-controlled House but Republicans have the majority in the Senate after gaining two seats in 2018.

Trumps energy and Twitter account have also helped him, Cox said.

“President Trump understood he was in a different position—hes going to fight. Hes got the resources—the media resources, the Twitter account, the 31 Democrats who are in Trump districts,” said Cox. “When he gives those speeches, hes holding onto his base. “Hes a realist who wants to win. ”

Trump, Cox said, will not only “survive impeachment” but will win re-election in a “small landslide.”

First Lady Pat Nixon, President Richard Nixon, Tricia Nixon, and Ed Cox pose for photographers at wedding reception at the White House on June 12, 1971. (National Archive/Newsmakers)Read More – Source


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