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Reportage sales surged by more than 125% in 2020

Reportage said it has achieved sales of more than 812 million dirhams during 2020, a growth of 125%

Reportage Properties announced that it has achieved sales of more than 812 million dirhams during 2020. This is a growth of 125% compared to 362 million dirhams in 2019.

Islam Ahmed Suleiman, CEO of Reportage, said that the company achieved those sales despite the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Suleiman stated that this enhances the strength of the company’s performance in offering real estate units that attract buyers. It also reflects the stability of the real estate sector in the UAE.

Sales growth

Suleiman said 2020 sales grow rapidly, and the fourth quarter sales amounted to 244.5 million dirhams.

He added that in 2020 the company has launched a number of new projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that attracted various segments of buyers. The company also offered easy payment methods, special offers and competitive prices.

The CEO also said the construction will continue in all the company’s projects despite Covid.

The completion and delivery of a number of projects in Abu Dhabi has boosted investors and buyers’ confidence in the company’s projects.

This contributed to an increase in demand, which was reflected in the company’s sales growth.

He pointed out the importance of the measures approved by the UAE leadership, which contributed to reducing the pandemic repercussions on the national economy. This, he says, enabled the real estate sector to overcome challenges.

Suleiman pointed to the importance of the incentives and facilities they offered since the beginning of the crisis. 

Real estate financing and the abolition of more fees in promoting sales in the real estate market.

Expanding services provided

Reportage said it will focus on expanding the provision of more specialized services during the coming period including studies, research, market analysis, and other services.

The company recently started developing ten projects, contributing to the provision of about 4,000 housing units within the most important investment sites in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


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