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Qatari gas exports to Europe jump 65% in January

Qatari gas exports

Doha, (Business News Report)|| Qatari gas exports to Europe jumped by 65.1% in January, on an annual basis.

The Qatari newspaper, Lusail, said that Qatari liquefied gas exports to Europe rose from 653,000 tons in January 2021 to 1.1 million tons last January, with a growth rate of 65.1%.

The total Qatari gas exports last January amounted to 7.2 million tons.

Qatar’s share of the total gas exported to global markets reached 21%.

The newspaper reported that Qatari gas has reached more than 14 destinations around the world.

The Asian market acquired the lion’s share of Qatari exports last January, with a total of 5 million tons, to 9 Asian destinations, Lusail explained.

The European market (Northern and Western Europe) received more than 1.1 million tons for five European destinations.

Ship tracking data indicates that the amount of liquefied natural gas that Qatar exported last January is almost equal to the total gas it exported in January 2021, with a difference in the export destinations.

The data also indicates a significant increase in liquefied natural gas from Qatar towards the European continent, from three destinations in January 2021 to five destinations in January 2022.

Last month, India topped the Qatari destinations, with more than 1.2 million tons, followed by China with one million tons, South Korea with 661,000 tons, and Pakistan with 504 thousand tons.

The United Kingdom topped European destinations with 461,000 tons, Italy with 380,000 tons, Poland with 91,000 tons, and Belgium with 76,000 tons.

During the past few years, European countries, especially Britain, concluded deals with the State of Qatar, one of the largest producers of liquefied gas in the world, to provide an easy alternative to Russian gas.

The European continent obtains more than 40% of its natural gas needs from Russia.

For years, Europe has been aiming to abandon dependence on Russian gas largely through diversification, getting rid of Moscow’s hegemony and imposing its control over the gas imported to the countries of the cold old continent.

Qatar is one of the largest producers of liquefied natural gas in the world, but it sells 75% of this gas to Asian countries that lack energy, like Japan and South Korea. It provides about 5% of natural gas to Europe.


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