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Qatar Central Bank: Government deposits in banks increased during May

Qatar Central Bank

Doha, (Business News Report)|| The Qatar Central Bank revealed that government deposits in local banks increased during the month of May, at a time when loans decreased by about 2.5 billion riyals to the level of 363.7 billion riyals.

Government and public sector deposits increased in May by about 10.7 billion riyals to 306.7 billion riyals, Qatar Central Bank said.

These deposits were distributed between 102 billion riyals for the government, 164.8 billion riyals for government institutions, and 39.9 billion riyals for semi-governmental institutions in which the government share is equal to 50% or more, and is less than 100%.

At the same time, the total government and public sector loans from local banks decreased in May by about 2.5 billion riyals to 363.7 billion riyals.

It included 125.2 billion riyals for the government, a decrease of 6.1 billion riyals from April, and 219.6 billion riyals for government institutions, a slight increase from April, and 18.9 billion riyals for semi-governmental institutions, down 0.3 billion from April.

The balance of government bonds and bills rose in April by about 1.1 billion riyals to the level of 175.9 billion riyals.

As a result, the total public sector credit (government and institutions), in addition to bills, bonds and sukuk, decreased by 6.4 billion riyals to the level of 539.6 billion riyals.

The total local private sector deposits with banks decreased by the end of last May by about 2.4 billion riyals from the end of April to the level of 416.4 billion riyals.

The total of local loans and credit facilities provided by banks to the local private sector decreased by about 9.1 billion riyals to reach the level of 769.4 billion riyals.

This included 224.8 billion riyals for the services sector, an increase of 5.1 billion riyals from April, 165.2 billion riyals for the real estate sector, an increase of 1.8 billion riyals from April, and 160.9 billion riyals for consumer loans, down 2.8 billion riyals from April, and 165.7 billion riyals for the trade sector, down 1.3 billion riyals from April, and 41.5

One billion riyals for the contractors sector, up 0.6 billion from April, and 19.1 billion riyals for the industrial sector, 0.8 billion riyals down from April, 3.73 billion riyals in loans and other facilities, down 0.16 from April.

With regard to assets, the Qatar Central Bank report stated, bank balances with banks outside Qatar decreased by about 0.9 billion riyals to 117.5 billion riyals, and local banks’ loans to external parties rose by about 1.6 billion riyals to the level of 67.6 billion riyals.

Its investments in foreign companies decreased by about 0.6 billion riyals to 56.4 billion riyals.

Its other assets abroad also stabilized with a slight increase to the level of QR 4.35 billion, and in total, the Qatari assets abroad rose slightly to QR 245.9 billion.


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