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Qatar Central Bank ends 2021 on $2bn in treasury bills

Qatar Central Bank

Qatar Central Bank ended the issuance of treasury bills for the current year 2021, at two billion dollars.

This amount comes after the central bank announced that it had issued treasury bills for the month of December, at a value of $165 million.

Qatar Central Bank said in statement said it” issued on Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021 treasury bills for three, six and nine months, with a value of QR 600 million, distributed as follows:

  • 300 million QR for three months at an interest rate of 0.17%
  • 200 million QR for six months at an interest rate of 0.22%
  • 100 million QR for nine months at an interest rate of 0.27″

“The issuance is part of a series of issues executed by Qatar Central Bank on behalf of the Government of the State of Qatar and in accordance with the schedule prepared by both Qatar Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. Treasury bills are issued through auction for banks operating in Qatar,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the total issuance of the Qatar Central Bank of local treasury bills during the current year amounted to 7.2 billion riyals (about two billion dollars), according to official data.

Through the issuance of treasury bills, the Qatar Central Bank aims to develop the monetary policy in the country, control domestic liquidity rates, and inflation indicators.

Trade balance

In a separate context, the Qatari trade balance achieved a large surplus during October, amounting to 200%, on an annual basis.

The Qatari Ministry of Planning and Statistics said that the trade balance surplus comes with the support of the continuation of record growth in the value of exports, the improvement of economic conditions and the recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to data from the Ministry of Planning, the trade balance recorded a surplus of 21.18 billion riyals ($5.85 billion).

The data also showed that Qatar’s trade surplus rose on a monthly basis, by 10.9%, from 19.1 billion riyals ($5.3 billion) last September.

Last month, Qatari exports rose by 96.4% to 30.09 billion riyals ($8.3 billion), from 27.898 billion riyals ($7.71 billion) in the comparable month of last year.

The data showed an increase in Qatari imports by 7.6% on an annual basis during last October to 8.9 billion riyals ($2.45 billion), from 8.27 billion riyals ($2.28 billion) in the corresponding month of 2020.

Meanwhile, the Qatari trade balance surplus was 7.05 billion riyals ($1.95 billion) in the same month of 2022.

The improvement in Qatar’s trade surplus also reflects the recovery of the economy and the improvement in global demand for natural gas, which is witnessing record price hikes.


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