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Qatar Airways joins the International Civil Aviation Organization

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has joined the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), to be the first in the Middle East to join the alliance.

The airline said it is committed to working with members in the aviation sector to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable air transport.

Qatar Airways explained that the global alliance aims to enhance aviation, and will work to develop ideas and find innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their sources.

Qatar Airways

It also aims to provide ideas related to the development and implementation of a set of measures and procedures, and the creation of long-term environmental goals related to international aviation.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, Akbar Al Baker, said, “Innovation has always been the main driver behind the aviation sector’s path towards a sustainable future. Qatar Airways believes that this global alliance will allow partners and leaders in the aviation sector to work and innovate together.”

He pointed out that Qatar Airways is looking forward to strategic cooperation with this alliance, and is also looking forward to working with all members of the alliance to put forward ideas and strategies to facilitate work using sustainable and innovative technology, and to move closer towards achieving net zero carbon emissions.

“We also hope at the same time that we can inspire partners in the aviation sector to collaborate with us and participate towards achieving our common goals in the field of climate change.”

Sustainable aviation

This alliance includes stakeholders dealing with a wide range of topics related to sustainable aviation, including sustainable aviation fuels, infrastructure, operations and technology.

The alliance is focused on raising awareness of the aviation sector’s continued progress in reducing carbon emissions, building on existing leadership and expertise, as well as strengthening existing partnerships and innovations.

Qatar Airways will be able to share the measures it is taking, as well as its past and current initiatives to reduce carbon emissions with alliance members.

It will also provide valuable ideas and insights to all stakeholders in order to contribute to the work led by the ICAO.

It should be noted that airlines around the world have been severely affected by the Corona pandemic and the closures around the world.


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