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Perus famous Nazca Lines may include drawings of exotic birds

Massive drawings of birds etched by pre-Inca people on southern Perus Nazca desert plateau include s..

Massive drawings of birds etched by pre-Inca people on southern Perus Nazca desert plateau include several exotic surprises, Japanese researchers say.

Three avian images depict species that live far outside the region where the famous drawings were created, zooarchaeologist Masaki Eda of Hokkaido University Museum and his colleagues conclude. A drawing previously classified as a hummingbird actually represents a related species known as a long-tailed hermit, Edas group reports online June 20 in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

These hermits (Phaethornis superciliosus) have long, pointed tails, as in the Nazca drawing, while the regions hummingbirds have forked or fan-shaped tails. In Peru, hermits inhabit rainforests on the eastern slopes of the Andes and in northern regions near Ecuador. Two other Nazca bird drawings, both of which hadnt been identified definitively until now, depict pelicans that live along Perus Pacific coast, the scientists say.

Matching birds[hhmc]

Researchers say that a bird etched by pre-Inca people into southern Perus landscape, outlined on the left, is likely a long-tailed hermit (Phaethornis superciliosus), pictured on the right, a species found in the regions rainforests.

    <img src="" title="~~ M. Eda, T. Yamasaki and M. Sakai/Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 2019; Jerry Oldenettel/Flickr (&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;CC BY-NC-SA 2.0&lt;/a&gt;)"/>  

Another Nazca drawing previously classified as a baby duck instead portrays a newly hatched parrot, the scientists suspect. Parrotlike features include aRead More – Source

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