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One big bad news can pull down market: Akshay Gupta

CEO, Indiabulls Mutual Fund

The Nifty has mo..

CEO, Indiabulls Mutual Fund

The Nifty has moved up 30 per cent over the past year. Mid and small caps have given up to 50 per cent returns. What should investors do?
For people who have made decent returns, it is time to book profits and just keep your principal amount invested. First time investors should stagger their investments using the SIP or STP route. Valuations are high and one bad news could pull the markets down. We believe it will be a tough year for investors and that last year's returns cannot be replicated. There will be some correction in the next couple of months.

What according to you was the highlight of the event?

Gadkari thinks differently and out of box. I am quite surprised with action happening on the water connectivity front, irrigation and bio fuel. It was an eye opener that he is thinking so quickly and so much. One more term and things will change completely. When foreign investors get to know these leaders and understand their thought process, they would increase allocations to India.

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