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Not high on news agenda? UN torture rapporteur talks to RT about op-ed on Assange rejected by MSM

The UN rapporteur on torture told RT about the fanciful excuses Western media used to avoid publishi..

      The UN rapporteur on torture told RT about the fanciful excuses Western media used to avoid publishing his damning op-ed on the extreme pressure Julian Assange was exposed to – despite covering every wild allegation against him.       

A host of reputed Western media outlets turned a deaf ear to Nils Melzer and his op-ed in which he said Julian Assange was exposed to enormous psychological trauma and isolation while in the Ecuadorian Embassy, and afterwards in the UK high-security prison.

Some of them said it wasnt high enough on their news agenda, some of them said it wasnt within their core area of interest.

The explanations seem awkward given that the same newspapers – the Guardian, the Times, the Washington Post, the Telegraph, and others – have been running news stories about Assange “when it was about his cat and his skateboard and… allegations that he smeared excrement on the walls.”

But when you have a serious piece that actually tries to de-mask this public narrative and to actually show the facts below it, then theyre not interested.

In his piece, which was eventually published on blogging website Medium, Melzer admitted he “had been blinded by propaganda” and didnt believe Assange was being dehumanized through isolation, ridicule, and shame. He even asked himself how could “life in an Embassy with a cat and a skateboard ever amount to torture.”

“I didnt know Assange, so I took with me experienced medical experts, a psychiatrist and a forensic expert that have worked for decades in examining torture victims,” he told RT.

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These experts, he said, found that Assange showed “all the symptoms that are typical for a person who has been exposed to prolonged psychological torture.”

He has been exposed to public mobbing. Now, thats the slippery slope… When you start exposing an isolated individual who cant defend himself to a sustained campaign of humiliation, of shame, of ridiRead More – Source