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Twitter Rebranded to X Corp, Musk tweets


BNR – In a tweet on Sunday, the renowned billionaire, Elon Musk, said that they plan to rebrand Twitter. He said, “Soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

Furthermore, Musk added that they will launch the rebrand if someone posts a “good enough” logo of the letter ‘X’.

Later that evening, the billionaire retweeted and pinned a video of a Twitter logo changing into a pulsing ‘X’. He also confirmed the rebranding in a Twitter Space when people asked him about it. “It should’ve been done a long time ago,” he said.

Under the Social Media firm’s owner, the business name of the Twitter company changed to X Corp. The move indicates Musk’s willingness to follow through with his rebranding plan and create a super app. The company did not promptly respond to a request for a remark.

Blue Bird Twitter: Gone?

The blue bird is the most recognisable asset of Twitter, according to the company’s website which displays the bird. “That is why we are so protective of it,” the website reads.

In April, the company changed the blue bird logo to the Dogecoin dog, Shiba cryptocurrency, for a short period. This has resulted in a hike in the currency’s price in the market.

Twitter came under heavy fire from many customers and advertisement firms when Musk declared a tweet view limit. Early in July, the renowned billionaire revealed that they would restrict how many tweets users can view in one day.

The restriction moves motivated the number of new users on the new ‘Threads’ platform by rival Meta. Threads garnered more than 100 million subscribers in only five days since its launch.

Twitter still faces a lot of challenges and complications following Musk’s acquisition. There was a lawsuit against the firm which claims that it must pay a minimum of $500mln to former workers. Since the billionaire’s takeover, he fired around 80% of the company’s employees to reduce expenditure.


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