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Macron: France to make masks mandatory in enclosed public spaces

President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday Fran..

President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday France would turn the screw on mask-wearing among signs that the coronavirus is picking up again in some parts of the country.

Macron also stated that France would be among the first countries to get a coronavirus vaccine if it is developed by French-headquartered Sanofi or another company committed to international cooperation, during a wide-ranging televised interview on Bastille Day.

“I would like to see masks made mandatory in all closed public places,” he said, warning against people not respecting social distancing measures. “Were getting signs that [the coronavirus] is starting to come back a little bit, so we have to be prepared.”

Asked about vaccine access and a recent row with pharmaceutical company Sanofi over the issue, Macron said: “France will be served among the first countries” but, he added, “there must be no health nationalism in the bad sense of the word.”

French drugmaker Sanofi was at the center of a political storm earlier this year when its CEO Paul Hudson said that the U.S. may get priority when it comes to the companys vaccine — Hudson later walked back that statement.

Macron referred to talks between the EU and Sanofi and explained that he engaged with Sanofi and other European partners “to secure the supply of medicines on European soil, for Europeans, but also the supply of activRead More – Source




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