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Listen up, nerds: These are the UK’s best paying tech jobs

Tech may be trendier than banking, but it looks like its sal..

Tech may be trendier than banking, but it looks like its sal..

Tech may be trendier than banking, but it looks like its salaries are beginning to catch up too.

New research by salary benchmarking website Emolument has suggested those with much-needed tech skills can "name their price" as companies scrabble around to find people with the right experience.

The best-paid jobs in UK tech are so-called enterprise architecture, where the average salary after 14 years' experience is £65,000, while programme managers can make the same amount after 12 years.

However, the research suggested data science is the "rising star" in the sector: after just six years, data scientists earn £53,000.

"The exponential need for AI and machine learning expertise combined with a dearth of candidates are the primary causes for this salary inflation," said Emolument.

However, the research also suggested that not all tech jobs are equal: those in IT support, for example, can only expect to earn £30,000, even after nearly a decade of experience. Meanwhile, those in digital marketing make just £34,000 after six years.

"Nowadays, experienced developers can name their price as companies struggle to meet demand, and desperately require more bandwidth," said Alice Leguay, co-founder of Emolument.

"Staying ahead of the curve, or on the curve at least, is essential for businesses to retain customer confidence, especially in the finance and retail spaces.

"The good news though is that these jobs are based on competencies which can be acquired independently from a university degree, either on the job (digital marketing) or through online courses, which means that doors remain open for professionals to move from one specialism to the next, thereby keeping up with trends and demand. An exciting new outlook for personal development."

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The best-paid jobs in tech

Job Median salary Average experience
1 Enterprise architecture £65,000 14
2 Programme management £65,000 12
3 IT security £59,000 12
4 Product management £58,000 10
5 Data science £53,000 6
6 Business analysis £50,000 10
7 Service delivery £50,000 10
8 Software development £45,000 8
9 Project management £43,000 9
10 UX design £41,000 8
11 Infrastructure / Sys admin £40,000 11
12 Testing & quality assurance £40,000 8
13 Database administration £37,000 11
14 Data analysis £37,000 7
15 Digital marketing £34,000 6
16 IT support £30,000 9

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