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Jordan’s sales and income tax collections increased by 8% over 2019

Jordan's 2020 income and sales tax collections increased by 8% compared to 2019.

Jordan’s Income and Sales Tax Department announced that the total income and sales tax collections during 2020 reached 4.668 billion dinars, compared to 4,323 billion dinars collected during 2019.

Hussam Abu Ali head of the department said in a press release that Jordan’s 2020 income and sales tax collections increased by 8% compared to 2019.

Abu Ali indicated in the statement, that “sales tax collections during 2020 amounted to 3.530 billion dinars compared to 3.302 billion dinars collected during the year 2019.

The total increase difference is 227 million dinars, which is a 7% increase, according to the government statement.

Abu Ali added that income tax collections increased during 2020 to 1.138 billion dinars from 1.020 billion dinars in 2019, an increase of 118 million dinars, that is, 12%.

Abu Ali said the department developed and implemented a reform plan during 2020 that had a positive impact on collections, despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

He said the plan expanded the tax base and fought tax evasion.

He also noted that the department’s application of international standers, especially in tax audit procedures, had an effective impact in raising the efficiency of auditing, which had a positive impact on collections.

The Jordanian government official also confirmed, “the strengthening of confidence with taxpayers, which was achieved during the past year, had a positive effect especially with regard to the application of settlements and reconciliation with the taxpayers who have outstanding issues”.


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