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Israeli blockade on Gaza threatens 13 infrastructure projects

Israeli blockade

The Israeli suffocating blockade on the Gaza Strip could suspend the work on 13 infrastructure projects, the Municipality of Gaza said.

The municipality warned that situation might worsen due to the continued Israeli blockade, which prevents the entry of materials needed to complete the projects.

Work on these projects has stopped since the last round of military escalation with Israel in May when the crossings were closed.

The statement explained that 16 other projects were supposed to start, but the continued closure of the crossings has delayed their launch.

Reconstruction of the streets and infrastructure that were destroyed, by the Israeli attacks, may continue to be delayed, the statement said.

The statement stressed that “the damage left by the Israeli attacks has not been repaired until now. All the work that has been done until now is reopening and leveling the streets and intersections that were bombed and connecting the water and sewage networks and lighting lines temporarily”.

Aggression costs

In a related context, the costs of the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip amounted to about $479 million, the Reconstruction Committee in Gaza said in a report.

The committee said the affected three main sectors, namely the housing, economic and social development sectors.

The direct damage to the housing and infrastructure sector amounted to about 61% of the total losses, with a value of about $292.4 million, including $144.8 million for the housing sector only.

The report indicated that the losses of the public establishments and government buildings sector amounted to about $30 million, while the losses of the transportation and communications sector amounted to about $2.1 million.

Losses of the electricity and energy sector amounted to about $15 million, while the losses of the communications and information technology sector amounted to $7.6 million, the report said.

The total losses of the road sector amounted to $62.4 million, while losses of water and sanitation amounted to $17.6 million, the report said.

The municipal utilities and local government sector incurred losses worth $13.1 million, according to the report.

The report said that the second most affected sectors is economic development, whose total direct damages amounted to about 33% of the total damages, with a value of $156 million.

The economic sector losses, including trade, industry and services, amounted to about $74.2 million, the report said, and the losses of the tourism sector amounted to about $3.6 million

The report pointed out that the losses incurred by the agricultural sector amounted to about $78.3 million.


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