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Inflation rate in Saudi Arabia rise by 2.3% in April

Inflation in Saudi

Riyadh, (Business News Report)|| The inflation rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has increased by 2.3% in the month of April, compared to the same month last year.

On a monthly basis, the inflation rate increased in April by 0.4% compared to March.

On an annual basis, the inflation rate in March is the highest in 10 months, that is, since last June 2021, when it reached 6.2%.

The inflation rate in Saudi Arabia rose last month, mainly from the rise in transport prices, the third section, by 4.6%, as a result of the rise in gasoline prices by 9.5%.

The prices of food and beverages, the second section of the index, increased by 4.3% as a result of an increase in food prices by 4.6 %.

On the other hand, the clothing and footwear division decreased by 1.3%, and the tobacco division by 0.5%.

Inflation last month is the 28th consecutive rise, as it rose 0.7% in January 2020, 1.2% in February, 1.5% in March, 1.3% in April, and 1.1% in May. and 0.5% in June.

It rose in August by 6.2%, 5.7% in September, 5.8% in October and November, 5.3% in December, 5.7% in January 2021, 5.2% in February, and 4. 9% in March, 5.3% in April, and 5.7% in May.

Meanwhile inflation rate rose 6.2% in June, 0.4% in July, and finally 0.3% in August, 0.6% in September, 0.8% in October, 1.1% in November, and 1.2% during December, then 1.2% during January 2022, 1.6% in February, and 2% during March.

The housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel section topped the weights of the 12 sections that make up inflation, with a weight of 25.3%, then food and beverages by 18.8%, then transportation with 9.9%, home furnishing and maintenance and communication by 8.5% each.

Then comes the restaurants and hotels section with a weight of 6.5%, then clothes and shoes 6.2%, advanced goods and services 5.7%, education 4.2%, recreation and culture 3.4%, and health is 2.3%, and tobacco has a weight of 0.7%.


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