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Hulu adds a ‘Yada, yada’ button so you can shuffle Seinfeld as show turns 30 – CNET

Tommaso Boddi/Getty
Seinfeld was reportedly a show about nothing, and that makes it one of the easi..

Tommaso Boddi/Getty

Seinfeld was reportedly a show about nothing, and that makes it one of the easiest sitcoms to watch out of order. On Friday, Hulu added a "Yada yada yada" button so Apple TV viewers can randomly shuffle episodes in honor of the comedy's 30th anniversary. It premiered on NBC as The Seinfeld Chronicles on July 5, 1989.


In honor of #Seinfeld30 get ready to randomly watch your fav eps

Use Hulu on Apple TV? Here's how to ?:
1⃣ Head to the Seinfeld page
2⃣ Select the "Yada Yada Yada" option
3⃣ Enjoy a random playlist

Want to ? in more places?
RT this to let us know!

— hulu (@hulu) July 5, 2019

I tried it out, and sure enough, when you select Seinfeld on Apple TV, Hulu has added a "Yada yada yada (shuffle)" option right under the "record" choice. (It chose a season-five episode for me, The Conversion, in which George decided to become Latvian Orthodox for a woman he's dating, and Jerry freaks out when he finds out his girlfriend has fungus cream. Spoiler: It was for her cat.)

Hulu has also sorted the Seinfeld eps into easy-to-watch playlists, including a beginner's guide, a list of food-centered episodes, episodes taking place at Del Boca Vista, Jerry's parents' retirement community, and more.

The streaming network asks that viewers who want to see the shuffle button added to other shows retweet the Twitter announcement to let them know. Sure, why not? They could name the Bob's Burgers shuffle button "the Burger of the Day."


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