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Google offers announces new features for people with special needs


Google has announced its intention to release an update to the Android system that will allow its users with special needs to control devices through smiles, raised eyebrows and other facial gestures.

The company said, on its official account on Twitter, that the update aims to help people with disabilities, and those who suffer from movement problems that may make it difficult for them to use a device that works with a normal touch screen.

Google indicated that the upcoming update will help users to perform several functions, including scrolling forward, scrolling back, going to the home page and seeing notifications, and these options may expand.

Google Inc

Users’ gestures are also examined by the phone’s camera, and the list of facial gestures that can be used now includes “open mouth”, “smile”, “look right”, “look north”, “raise an eyebrow” and “look up”.

“The feature could be useful for Android phone users with Parkinson’s, arthritis, or other mobility issues that make the subtle hand gestures used on most smartphones difficult,” the company said.

Notably, Disability Benefits are Google’s latest effort to improve “accessibility”. In December 2020, Google launched the “Look to Speak” application.

“It is an app that tracks eye movements to scan a list to find the desired phrase, which is then spoken out loud in a robotic voice. The app targets people with speech and movement disabilities.”

In October 2020, it introduced a feature for Android phones that informs deaf users if there is danger around them; Like a fire alarm or other strong noises around, with push notifications, vibrations, or flashing camera lights.

In April of the same year, Google introduced the Talkback Braille keyboard, a virtual keyboard that allows visually impaired users to send messages and emails without additional devices.

Search giant

Google is an American public company that specializes in advertising related to Internet search services and sending email messages via Gmail.

The name Google was chosen to reflect the company’s mission, which is to organize the vast amount of information available on the web.

Google is headquartered in America, specifically in Mountain View, California, called Google Complex, in addition to a large number of offices around the world due to its increasing influence every year.


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