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GCC meeting discusses customs law developments

GCC Customs Law

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) discussed in a meeting developments in the unified customs law, and the customs union’s mechanisms of work.

The GCC Customs Union met in its 25th session, in a meeting that took place Monday evening, via the Internet.

During the meeting, the participants reviewed the mechanisms of the Customs Union and the customs law between the GCC countries and the mechanisms for their development.

GCC Customs law

The meeting discussed many issues, most prominently is the settlement and transfer of customs duties, and studying the feasibility of joining the GCC countries to some customs agreements of the World Customs Organization.

In addition to a review of the lists of prohibited and restricted goods, the meeting addressed the draft guide to the approved economic operator at the level of the Gulf states.

The heads of customs authorities and administrations of the GCC states discussed the State of Qatar’s proposal to introduce a sub-item on the khat plant in the Gulf unified customs tariff schedule. The proposal aims at tightening control over the smuggling of such prohibited materials.

The meeting discussed the minutes of the Harmonized System Committee for Classification of Goods and other topics on the agenda.

Mechanisms of action

The meeting comes within the periodic meetings in which the customs of the Gulf countries participate to strengthen cooperation between the GCC countries in all customs fields, and in relation to import and export mechanisms and other issues and projects related to international trade and the common regulatory procedures between them.

On March 10, representatives and agents of several ministries in the Gulf states participated in a meeting with officials of the Economic and Development Affairs Authority of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to discuss developments in the work on the “customs union” and the “common market” between the six countries.

The State of Qatar said that it participated in the twenty-fifth meeting of the Customs Union Authority, and was represented in the meeting by Mr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Jamal, Chairman of the General Authority of Customs, and a number of department directors in the Authority.

The heads of customs authorities and administrations of the GCC countries also discussed the proposal of the State of Qatar regarding the introduction of a sub-item on the “khat” plant in the unified Gulf customs tariff schedule, with the aim of tightening customs control over the smuggling of such prohibited materials.

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