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G20 Fails to Reach Fossil Fuel Reduction Agreement


BNR – G20, comprised of 19 countries and the EU, held a conference in India on Saturday to discuss fossil fuel reduction. They were unsuccessful in reaching an agreement on reducing the use of fossil fuel due to some producer countries’ reservations.

Deliberate Delay in Addressing Climate Change

Experts and professionals are annoyed by the international community’s deliberate delay in steps to address climate change and global warming. The anger takes place as severe weather in the US and China underscores the climate catastrophe worldwide.

The G20 member states collectively make up more than 75% of international gas emissions and gross domestic product (GDP). Combined diligence by those states to decrease their carbon footprint is necessary for the broad combat against global warming.

Differences such as making green energy capacities triple by 2030, however, resulted in different statements at the meeting’s conclusion. Some states issued outcome statements and chair summaries, as opposed to a joint communication. This occurred after the meeting, which lasted four days, in Bambolim, India.

The joint communication is only released when there is a consensus between all the members on all cases.

“We had a complete agreement on 22 out of 29 paragraphs,” Indian Power Minister R.K. Singh stated. “Seven paragraphs constitute the Chair summary.”

Some provisions were not jointly approved, including that developed states should jointly mobilise $100bln every year for climate issues. This is to address climate change in those countries from 2020 to 2025. Also, providing an overview of the situation of the war in Ukraine was not agreed upon.

Fossil Fuel Debate Dominates G20 Conference

Some sources said that fossil fuel became the main blame in elongated talks, with lawmakers failing to jointly agree on reducing its use. They fought over the terms to describe the route towards finding a solution, without finding one, according to the sources.

A draft stated that the significance of action towards reducing fossil fuel use “was emphasised,” according to Reuters.

In a statement following the meeting, Singh stated that some nations desired to utilise carbon capture, as opposed to reducing fossil fuels. He, however, did not say which were those countries.


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