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Friendly media paints Hunter Bidens drug addiction as a plus to prop up his father Joe

Does Hunter Bidens crack use humanize his father, or serve as another black mark in the ledger again..

      Does Hunter Bidens crack use humanize his father, or serve as another black mark in the ledger against the Democratic frontrunner? Mainstream media has put the spin machine into top gear as Joe Biden sinks in the polls.      

Hunter, the youngest son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, has spilled his guts to the New Yorker, weaving a sordid tale of addiction, affairs, and alcoholism that the outlet has heroically tried to spin as a positive. After Joe Bidens abysmal debate performance, the alleged frontrunner – whom even the New York Times has admitted has all the flaws of Hillary Clinton in 2016, plus the deadly “white male” factor – needs all the help he can get.

And the New Yorker has gamely tried to frame the younger Bidens troubles as a plus for dad. It noted that most candidates are “relentlessly bland” but the former VP – whom mainstream media has been consistently calling the 2020 Democratic frontrunner since his campaign launch, despite a scandal-studded history that would sink multiple less-well-heeled candidates – has “responded to tragedy” and “learned from it.”

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The younger Biden has admitted he missed that very campaign launch rally in May because a Breitbart story published the previous day had named him as a suspect in an Arizona narcotics probe stemming from a crack pipe discovered in his rental car. Its not the first time his name has surfaced as a political liability to his father, either. As Breitbart revealed earlier this year, Vice President Joe Biden had threatened to withhold $1 billion in US aid to Ukraine if the country did not fire its top prosecutor, apparently over his investigation of Burisma Holdings, where Hunter served as a director.

“Hunter is super rich terrain,” a cynical former Biden aide tells the New Yorker, which acknowledges the younger Biden “struggled for decades with alcohol addiction and drug abuse,” had a rough divorce, and an affair with his brothers widow after Beau Biden died of brain cancer, and may have fathered a child out of wedlock. But Hunter is a good guy at heart, the magazine insists, so loyal that hes tried to “protect his father from a trickle of disclosures” by sharing them with a friendly liberal outlet instead.

Its not easy to spin Hunters history. A beneficiary of nepotism since his early years working for MBNA, a Delaware bank that was then the largest donor to his fathers Senate campaign, his fat paycheck allowed him a well-off life that the New Yorker frames as almost a cash-strapped existence (sending three kids to a prestigious private school isnt cheap, and Biden is quoted as saying he lived “paycheck to paycheck” after he abandoned the “stifling” culture of MBNA to work in the Clinton administration as director of e-commerce policy issues in the Department of Commerce). Even the lobbying firm National Group hired him partially because of his “very strong last name,” and the Navy granted him both age and drug/alcohol waivers when he decided to join up in 2014 out of what the New Yorker claims was a desire to “contribute more to society.”

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But surely anyone can relate to Hunters military service, failing a drug test on his first day in the Navy after a mysterious South African man handed him a cigarette outside a Washington DC bar, which – oops! – must have contained crack, because hes not sure how else he would have come up positive for cocaine. He honorably took a dishonorable discharge, the New Yorker reports, lest the details of his case be leaked to the press and damage dads political career – which he used for relentless warmongering in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

The effort to paint Joe Biden – an establishment creature who assured his wealthy donors that “nothing would fundamentally change” if he wins the 2020 election, an ironic promise from someone who served as VP under Mr. Hope-and-Change himself, Barack Obama – as a “regular guy” is transparently inauthentic. While voters of Bidens age may have children with drug and alcohol problems too, given that more Americans than ever before are dying of drug overdoses and alcoholism, its unlikely their kids would have dodged jail if theyd returned a rental car complete with crack pipe, a line of a “white powdery substance” on the armrest, and a wallet full of drivers licenses and credit cards in their name. Nor would the voters Biden must convert in order to win the election be able to afford Hunters multiple rehab stays – as the New Yorker reveals, the rental car incident happened after he was distracted from a trip to rehab by a week-long crack binge during which he was held at gunpoint at least once.

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