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Qatar’s foreign reserves grow, reaching $57.5 billion

Qatar's foreign reserves

Qatar’s foreign reserves grew by the end of last September and reached $57.5 billion (209 billion riyals).

The Qatar Central Bank said that foreign reserves consist of four main components, including bonds, foreign treasury bills, cash balances with foreign banks, gold holdings, and special drawing rights deposits of Qatar’s share in the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In addition, the foreign reserves of the Bank of Qatar rose, by the end of September, by $9.6 million, to the level of $42 billion.

Qatar’s foreign reserves

Meanwhile, the total international reserves, including liquidity in foreign currency, increased by about 80 million riyals ($21.9 million), to reach about 209.4 billion riyals ($57.53 billion).

Thus, it increased by 2.68% from what it was a year ago at the end of September 2020, when it amounted to 203.95 billion riyals ($56 billion).

According to the bank’s data, the official reserves of the Qatar Central Bank increased at the end of September compared to the end of last August by 0.04 billion riyals, to 152.8 billion riyals ($41.9 billion).

Annual comparisons with reserves at the end of September 2020, indicate that the bank’s total international reserves recorded an increase of 2.74% to 209.32 billion riyals ($57.48 billion).

Other data

According to the data, this annual increase was the result of an increase in the bank’s gold holdings in the year until the end of September 2021 by 2.8% to 11.77 billion riyals ($3.2 billion), and an increase in the bank’s portfolio of foreign bonds and treasury bills in the year until the end of September 2021 by 10.2% to reach 106.67 billion riyals ($29.3 billion).

While the bank’s balances with foreign banks decreased in a year by about 9.1 billion riyals ($2.49 billion), and by 24%, to 28.81 billion riyals ($7.9 billion).

The bank’s data also indicated that the balance of special drawing rights deposits and the state’s share with IMF increased in a year by about 4.16 billion riyals ($1.14 billion) to the level of 5.56 billion riyals ($1.52 billion).

Liquid assets other than official reserves – that is, deposits in foreign currencies – increased at the end of September by 1.27% from September 2020 to reach 56.61 billion riyals ($15.5 billion).

It is noteworthy that these foreign currency reserves and liquidity together are equivalent to more than 8 times the issued cash, or more than 882%, while the Bank’s law requires that this percentage not be less than 100% only.


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