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Facebook to create10,000 high-skilled jobs in EU


Social media giant Facebook plans to create 10,000 high-skilled jobs in the European Union over the next five years.

Facebook aims to help build so-called “metaverse”, a term used to describe digital worlds in which many people can interact in a three-dimensional environment.

The company is collaborating with others to develop “new phase of interconnected virtual experiences using technologies like virtual and augmented reality,” Nick Clegg, vice president of planning and public relations at Facebook, said in a statement.

“The metaverse has the potential to help unlock access to new creative, social, and economic opportunities. And Europeans will be shaping it right from the start,” Facebook said in a blog post.

“This investment (in new jobs) is a vote of confidence in the strength of the European tech industry and the potential of European tech talent,” the company said.

“Europe is hugely important to Facebook.”

“Beyond emerging tech talent, the EU also has an important role to play in shaping the new rules of the internet. European policymakers are leading the way in helping to embed European values like free expression, privacy, transparency, and the rights of individuals into the day-to-day workings of the internet,” explains Facebook.

European policy makers are leading the way to help introduce European values ​​such as freedom of expression, privacy, transparency and individual rights into the “day to day business of the Internet”.

Pressures on the company

The American company is under high pressure at the international level.

In early October, a former Facebook product manager accused the company of not being transparent enough about the possibility of the network causing harm on the Internet, among other accusations.

Facebook responded that the online network works every day to strike a balance between the right of billions of people to freedom of expression and a safe environment for users.

This is indicated that to date remains the leading network worldwide in terms of the number of monthly active users is Facebook, which in its last quarterly report claimed about 2.9 billion users by the end of June 2021.

Although TikTok still needs to triple its user base to achieve this, it can boast that reaching 1 billion users took 3.6 years less than Facebook did back in the day.


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