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Facebook Apple feud: Giants clash

Facebook Apple feud raised after dispute made it to public over users data

Feud between Facebook and Apple raised after the dispute made it to the public. Apple CEO tweet angered Facebook which removed Apple’s verification badge.

Facebook removed Apple’s verification badge that vitrifies official pages of companies and public figures.

Badge removal means Apple page on Facebook became like any regular page, unlike Apple’s main competitors Microsoft and Samsung .

The war made it to the public

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg criticized last week iOS 14 privacy updates, which will enter into force next year. The updates will give users the right to allow apps to track their activities. Facebook is one of the apps that does so for it advertising system.

Zorkerberg said that this step is very important to connect Facebook with small companies that provide them with services that meet their needs.

Facebook says that this system helps 10 million small companies around the world.

This came in response to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, statements who said that Apple believes that users should have a choice in terms of the data collected about them and how it is used.

Cook said a tweet included with a picture of a notification from Facebook of a request to collect data. This tweet is what might angered Facebook.

Devastating blow

Facebook-Apple feud will come to a head if apple insisted to proceed with this policy. Such move would be a major blow to Facebook’s income, which depends on ads.

Observers say that many users prefer to block ads, and often express their anger at their presence. However, there are voices that welcome advertisements to introduce them to everything new in various fields. Perhaps this difference will be the judge between the two parties in this dispute.


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