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Euromaidan activist who cheered Odessa massacre joins Facebook as public policy manager

A Ukrainian activist who rejoiced at the sight of 48 anti-Maidan protesters burning to death in Odes..

      A Ukrainian activist who rejoiced at the sight of 48 anti-Maidan protesters burning to death in Odessa in 2014 has been hired by Facebook ostensibly to combat Russian disinformation.      

Kateryna Kruk will be working out of Warsaw in her new role as Facebooks public policy manager for Ukraine. While Kruks immediate duties are not clear, the announcement was met with enthusiasm by her followers, hoping she would unleash a crackdown on Kremlin trolls. Kruk has an unequivocal anti-Russian reputation, having written for several international publications and on Twitter.

Kruk shot to prominence at the height of the mass protests that preceded the 2014 armed coup in Kiev, becoming a spokesman for Euromaidan as she live-tweeted in English from the first days of the two-month protest. As the movement was hijacked by right-wing nationalists led by the Right Sector and the far-right, borderline neo-Nazi Svoboda party, the situation quickly spiraled into violence. Around that time, Kruk worked as a volunteer for Svoboda, praising the party for being “Ukrainian-focused,” while expressing some reservations about its hardline ultra-nationalist ideology.

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Kruk might have had some concerns about the party, which embraced Ukrainian nationalist leader and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera as a hero, but it did not deter her from gloating over the deaths of several dozen of her political opponents in Odessas trade union building in May 2014, which was set on fire by football hooligans as police seemingly stood by watching. The people who burned to death and suffocated inside the building were peacefully protesting the coup in the central city square before being attacked by the rowdy gangs.

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“Odessa cleaned itself from terrorists, proud for city fighting for its identity. Glory to fallen heroes,” Kruk tweeted at the time.

Here is Facebooks newest disinfo warrior cheering the 2014 Odessa fire — where nearly 50 Ukrainians were killed by fascist and far-right “activists” — as an action that “cleaned” the city of “terrorists.” Yikes.

— Yasha Levine (@yashalevine) June 3, 2019

Since then, she has briefly served as a spokesperson for Ukraines Ministry of Agriculture (20Read More – Source