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ETMarkets Special Podcast: Should you hold or sell mid, smallcap funds?

Hello listeners! This is Nishant Kumar from Y..

Hello listeners! This is Nishant Kumar from You are tuning in to the special podcast on midcap and smallcap mutual funds.

There is a clear and present danger. Midcap and smallcap mutual fund schemes are facing the June heat.

Consider the slide of up to 10 per cent over the last one month! Investors are scared as hell.

At their wit's end, they are scrambling to hit the panic button. But, how wise are they, that's the point.

Much like direct stock investing, returns in equity mutual funds are subject to market uncertainties.

As a pack, midcap and smallcap funds are always seen risky. Analysts time and again ask investors to go for such schemes only if they can digest sharp short-term disruptions.

Here we have Raghvendra Nath, MD, Ladderup Wealth Management, to share his views on how these funds are looking right now.

Hello, Mr Nath. What next?

Byte 1: Raghvendra Nath

We also have Dinesh Rohira of Mr Rohira, your take?

Byte 2: Dinesh Rohira

That's all for today. Do come back for our special weekend podcast next Saturday and check out our daily market podcasts every morning and evening, only on

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