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Escape from locked jet: Air Canada passenger traumatized after waking up ALONE in a dark plane

A napping Air Canada passenger was forced to go through a nightmarish ordeal after waking up to find..

      A napping Air Canada passenger was forced to go through a nightmarish ordeal after waking up to find herself locked inside a dark, empty aircraft, and with a dead cellphone. The airline is investigating the bizarre incident.      

Tiffani Adams says she now suffers from night terrors and insomnia after being locked inside the Air Canada plane that had flown her from Quebec City to Torontos Pearson International Airport. Sharing her chilling story on Air Canadas Facebook page, Adams recounted how she stretched out in an empty row to get some shuteye during the flight. When she woke up around midnight, however, she found herself alone and locked in the pitch-black aircraft.

Adams said she first tried recharging her phone but couldnt because the planes power had been shut off. She then made her way to the cockpit, where she luckily found a flashlight and began signaling out of the planes windows in hopes of attracting the attention of the airports staff.

No one was around to help, however, but Adams figured out how to open the planes door – only to find that the huge drop made it impossible for her to exit the aircraft. Eventually, an observant baggage attendant noticed the woman and brought a ladder truck to rescue her.

After her rescue, an Air Canada representative reportedly offered Adams a limo to take her to a hotel for the night. She refused, saying that she had work in the morning and wanted to go home.

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According to Adams, the airline apologized and told her that there are protocols in place to prevent such incidents from occurring. An investigation into the matter has been opened, she was told.

The ordeal, Adams wrote, has left her traumatized and in constant fear of being locked up alone – again.

“I havent got much sleep since the reccurring night terrors and waking up anxious and afraid Im alone locked up someplace darRead More – Source




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