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Egypt raises gas production

EGAS said Egypt has increased its gas production for the current fiscal year.

Egyptian Natural Gas Holding (EGAS) said Egypt has increased its gas production for the current fiscal year.

The fiscal year in Egypt begins on the first of July and ends on the thirty-first of June of each year.

Egypt’s gas in numbers

EGAS said that Cairo’s current gas production is 7,540 billion cubic feet per day.

And there is an increase of 15.3% compared to gas quantities compared to last year.

Cairo’s gas production in 2019-2020 was about 2.4 trillion cubic feet.

Average daily gas production in Egypt was about 6.550 billion cubic feet, in addition to 25 million from companies not connected to the national gas network.

EGAS aims to bring domestic consumption to more than 6 billion cubic feet of gas per day.

Gas era

The Egyptian Cabinet said in a previous report that Egypt had entered the era of natural gas. Because, its consumption reached 59.6 billion cubic meters.

In a statement published by the Cabinet’s Media Center on Facebook.

The post said Egypt had achieved an increase in the consumption of natural gas. However, this was at the expense of more expensive and polluting alternative energy sources (gasoline and diesel) within 3 years.

What is EGAS?

EGAS was established in 2001 by Prime Minister Decree No. 1009 of 2001 in accordance with the Public Enterprise Sector Law No. 203 of 1991. The company is responsible for natural gas activities in Egypt. Because, it specializes in adapting an effective work plan to deal diligently and regulate the activities of natural gas resources in Egypt.

The company also aims to contribute to strengthening the Egyptian economy. It is one of the five major entities in the Egyptian petroleum sector

EGAS is Egypt’s arm to deal with activities and agreements of natural gas with Egyptian, Arab and international companies.

Some historians mention that the use of crude oil began in Egypt since the era of the Pharaohs for lighting in house lamps. But, many historians believe it was discovered earlier.


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