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Why Should You Translate Your eCommerce Website?

eCommerce Website

London, (Business News Report)|| If you translate your eCommerce website, it can offer a range of benefits. The most obvious reason to translate your eCommerce website is an increased customer base. More people who can access your website equals an increase in potential sales. However, that is not the only reason to consider translation. Read on to find out how you could benefit from translating your eCommerce website.

Increased sales nationally

The first additional language to translate your eCommerce website into could be the second most common language in your country. For Canadians, having both French and English options on a website would be the most logical. Meanwhile, Spanish and English options would be a great choice in the USA, where 13% of the population are Spanish speaking. Even if you don’t want to offer international shipping or expand on an international front yet, offering a second language option on your eCommerce website is still a great idea.

Whether your conversion rate is 1% or 90%, translating your eCommerce website to expand its reach can only increase your sales figures.

Increased sales internationally

Taking a look at your website’s user data can reveal which languages you may want to translate your eCommerce website into. There may be significant numbers of visitors from a country to your website, but a high bounce rate. This suggests that a lack of relevant language options are deterring them as shoppers. Translating your website into a second language can attract customers who speak that language.

If you want to increase sales in a particular country or region, it is important that your website is reaching customers in a language that they speak. Translating your eCommerce website should be a core part of your business expansion plan. With many plugins and eCommerce website features, such as plugins for WooCommerce, you can translate your eCommerce website easily.

SEO Benefits: Appear on more Google searches

Having a monolingual website means that you will only appear on keyword searches in that language. For example, if your website is only available in English, you are less likely to be found organically by mainland European customers. This is because your website won’t rank for keyword searches in Italian, French or German, etc. Multilingual websites can rank on Google searches in several languages, which can hugely increase your eCommerce website’s traffic.

Make customers feel included

Let’s face it, it is nice to feel special. It is also nice to feel included. When a customer is choosing between several different brands or products, the language of the website could be a deciding factor. A customer is always going to be more confident making a purchase decision in their native language. Additionally, customers will trust a website in their first language more than one that is in another language (or that has been poorly translated).

If your competitors don’t offer a multilingual website, this is one way to offer a superior shopping experience. And if your competitors do offer a choice of languages on their websites, you need to as well! Every day that passes without offering translations on your eCommerce website is another wasted opportunity for sales!

An example of a multi-lingual eCommerce website: Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a high end fashion resale company that started business in Paris, France. However, when visiting the English language website from the UK, you would think that the Vestiaire Collective was an England-based company. This is because of the high quality of British English writing on the Vestiaire Collective website. Other available languages include French, German, Spanish and Italian. Additionally, American English is a language option. The changes between UK and US English may be subtle, but for the reader, it can make a big difference to their perceptions of the brand. It is unsurprising to us that Vestiaire Collective has made significant growth in the US market in the past few years.

Superior to automatic machine translation

Whilst it is possible to rely upon machine translation and auto-translate programs, these are far from ideal. Sometimes the meaning can be lost in machine translation. When you translate your eCommerce website and it is sales copy, you want product descriptions to shine. Hoping that an automatic translator is going to do your products and brand justice is often not going to end well. Hiring an eCommerce translation company will always be a better option to translate your eCommerce website.

Choosing between eCommerce translation companies

There are lots of eCommerce translation companies and freelance translators out there, and the choice can feel overwhelming. Ahmad Alsmaik, the CEO and Founder of Renaissance Translations, a professional translation company in Manchester, UK, stated that “many international clients have benefited from the translation of their eCommerce website translation services. One of the examples is Mint Moda, a Turkish modest clothing brand. They translated their website from Turkish into English and started to gain results. The company also translated the website from Turkish to Arabic which created huge traffic from the Arab World” So, whether you want to translate your eCommerce website into one language or 30, the benefits are countless.


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