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Drone Exports to Be Strictly Regulated, China Says


BNR – On Monday, China declared exportation regulations on some drones and drone tools. It said that they aim to protect national security amidst an escalation of tensions with the US over technology access.

The limitation on tools encompasses drone turbines, laser devices, communication devices and anti-drone programmes. The decision will be effective on 1 September this year, according to the Chinese commerce ministry.

Impact on Personal-Use Drones

The regulations are going to impact several personal-use drones. A military anonymous representative stated that China will no longer export civilian drones for double-use purposes.

“China’s modest expansion of the scope of its drone control this time is an important measure,” the representative said. The representative explained that the move is to show China’s major economic power, establish international security and preserve global peace.

Authorities had informed relevant nations and regions, the representative stated.

China has a huge drone production sector and exploration to various markets across the globe, including the United States.

American officials stated that over half of the drones sold in the United States are produced by China-based firm DJI. Furthermore, those drones are the most commonly used ones by public safety entities in the country.

DJI said it always firmly adhered to the laws of the countries in which it works, including China’s exportation regulations.

“We have never designed and manufactured products and equipment for military use,” DJI stated. “[We have never] marketed or sold our products for use in military conflicts or wars in any country.”

Allegations of Leaking Sensitive Information, Drone Maker Denies

In March 2022, a supplier in Germany accused the drone manufacturer of leaking information on Ukraine’s military positions to Russia. However, the firm unequivocally denied the allegations.

The drone exportation limits come following the exportation limits on several metals commonly used in manufacturing chips. This follows steps by the US to limit China’s access to crucial tech, such as chipmaking tools.


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