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Bitcoin leads most digital currencies to recover again

digital currencies

London, (Business News Report)|| Bitcoin has led most of the digital currencies to recover again, after prices fell with Germany and America dismantling the Hydra Market.

During yesterday’s trading, cryptocurrencies suffered strong losses due to the repercussions of the German-American mission to dismantle Hydra, the largest global platform for selling on the dark web.

The German and American authorities announced the confiscation of bitcoins worth 23 million euros (about $25 million).

Since the United States imposed new sanctions on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, prominent political watchers and observers alike have wondered whether crypto would allow the Kremlin to evade them.

After saying that the Treasury continues to monitor the situation, Yellen alluded to the fact that large transactions can be easily seen on public blockchain explorers, and monitored by private analytics firms.

Said Yellen: “Trying to use crypto at a large scale, simply, we think is something that is not easy to do.”

In late February, the United States and its allies froze $400 billion in foreign assets owned by the Russian Central Bank, contributing to a currency crisis as the ruble lost much of its value compared to other currencies.

Meanwhile, European leaders have helped take Russian banks out of the SWIFT network, which financial institutions use to coordinate transactions.

In early March, the Biden administration halted oil and gas imports from Russia. The United States has also placed restrictions on exports of technological hardware and software, making it difficult for the Russian military to replace parts of the war effort.

Today, Friday, April 8, 2022, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) increased by 0.02% to reach $43,509.18, with a market value of $828.968 billion. The highest level that Bitcoin reached was on November 10, when it recorded $68,992.

Prices of digital currencies

One analyst expected Bitcoin to reach $1.3 million, and suggested that the “upward trend” of gold and Bitcoin would be “dramatic,” according to Forbes magazine.

The price of the Ethereum coin (ETH) increased by 0.76%, to record $3,253.85.

The price of Binance coin BNB also fell in the range of 0.32% to levels near $431.02.

And the price of the XRP currency gained 1.16% to $0.7863 levels.

The Cardano coin also increased by 1.20% to record $1.09.

And Polkadot price gained 1.26% to $20.44 levels.

On the other hand, the DOGE/USD price rose by 5.04% to $0.1526 levels.


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