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Dell Ordered to Pay Penalty for Deceptive Pricing


BNR – Australia’s Federal Court has issued a firm verdict, demanding that Dell Technologies Inc’s local division pay a substantial A$10 million in penalties. The penalty follows allegations of deceptive representations regarding discounts for supplementary computer monitors.

Australia’s prominent competition regulatory authority initiated this legal confrontation. The Court’s conclusive ruling in June established Dell Australia’s culpability for propagating misleading information to customers about pricing and discounts.

Australian Regulator Sends Strong Message

Liza Carver, Commissioner of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, emphasised the gravity of this outcome. She asserted that it should serve as an unequivocal warning to enterprises about disseminating deceptive data about prices or discounts.

Carver further stressed that such actions would result in significant financial penalties.

Dell Australia’s transgressions were revealed to encompass the sale of over 5,300 add-on monitors. The monitors were associated with overstated discounts during the period spanning from August 2019 to December 2021.

Transparency and Consumer Protection Upheld in Dell Australia

In response to the verdict, a spokesperson for Dell Australia conveyed the company’s commitment to rectify its errors. The spokesperson also assured that Dell Australia will collaborate with affected customers to promptly administer suitable refunds, along with accrued interest.

Furthermore, the company is actively implementing measures to bolster its pricing protocols and prevent the recurrence of similar oversights.

This ruling casts a spotlight on the crucial significance of transparency and accuracy in commercial transactions. It reaffirms Australia’s steadfast commitment to safeguarding consumer interests and upholding ethical business practices.


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