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Cuccinelli Fires Back at Former Gov. OMalley, Calls Behavior Sad and Shocking

Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli issued a statement after former Democratic ..

Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli issued a statement after former Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin OMalley forced him to leave an event on Wednesday.

Cuccinelli, in a lengthy statement to Fox News, said that he and OMalley were attending an event at Gonzaga College High School before OMalley went on a “shame-invoking tirade.” Cuccinelli then left the event.

“I arrived at The Dubliner to meet with some of my Gonzaga classmates last night, Cuccinelli said in the statement. “As I walked up to one of the bars among several in The Dubliner to order my Guinness, I heard screaming and cussing behind me to my left, which I did not immediately take notice of other than the fact that it was louder than everything else in the pub.”

Cuccinelli explained: “When I turned to look I saw OMalley and he was obviously screaming at me. For a moment, I thought he was trying to be funny, as weve met before, which I thought was strange. It was immediately clear that he was cursing and screaming for real, to the point of veins bulging on his neck.”

He said that OMalley and two of his friends then went on a “cussing assault” against him, which he tried to ignore. He said he went to another bar, but the former governor followed him.

“[A]t which point OMalley pushed his way through the small group to confront me face to face, still cursing me, the President, and my Italian ancestry and he got right up in my face, bumped up against me and invited me to take a swing at him,” Cuccinelli said, adding, “at which point I said Martin, one of us has to rise above this, and its obviously not going to be you.”

He said that OMalley was making remarks about President Donald Trumps immigration policy.

But those policies, Cuccinelli added, also “applied to President Obamas policies, a fact he clearly did not appreciate me pointing out (without screaming it, btw).” Reports have said that former President Barack Obama has deported more people than Trump during his first several years in office.

But overall, OMalleys outburst left him with a bad taste in his mouth, he said.

“Martins behavior was as sad as it was shocking,” Cuccinelli told Fox. “I learned on thRead More – Source


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