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Cryptocurrencies in the market: Bitcoin gains, Binance drops


Cryptocurrencies witnessed a divergence in prices between high and low, this morning in light of conflicting investors’ concerns.

The famous Bitcoin achieved profits, while Binance Coin soured.

The market value of digital currencies increased at the beginning of Saturday’s trading, by 0.89%, to reach $2.30 trillion, with a volume of transactions during the last 24 hours, which amounted to about $113.73 billion.


In the same context, the US Senate on Thursday approved legislation to temporarily increase the federal government’s debt ceiling and avoid the risk of a historic default later this month, but postponed a decision on a longer-term solution until early December.

The House voted 50 to 48 in favor of the bill, following a weeks-long struggle between the Democratic and Republican parties.

Immediately, on the same day, the US Treasury announced the issuance of $120 billion of bonds, with long-term periods of up to 30 years, which some experts considered a palliative of the debt pain suffered by the US economy.

The debt of the United States exceeded $ 28.4 trillion (more than about 29% of the value of the GDP). This threatens with the loss of about 6 million jobs and raise unemployment rates to the level of 9%.

Exchange Rates

The price of Bitcoin (the world’s most famous digital currency) increased by 1.36% to reach $54,830.17. Tts The market value also increased to $1.031 trillion, with a trading volume in the last 24 hours amounting to $35.727 billion.

The price of the Ethereum jumped by 0.91% to record about $3,609.72, and the market value rose to $424.569 billion, with a trading volume of $15.915 billion.

The price of Chainlink LINK coin decreased by 0.56% to reach $26.51.

The price of the DOGE coin (Dogecoin) increased by 1.25% to reach $0.2466.

The price of the XRP coin also increased by 0.78% to reach $1.07.

The price of the Litecoin (LTC) currency also jumped 0.15% to $177.56.

The price of the Polkadot DOT currency fell by 0.44%, to record about $33.64.


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