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Cleveland has the fastest mobile speeds – CNET

The best mobile speeds are in the city of Cleveland and the state of New Jersey.

Corinne Reichert/..

The best mobile speeds are in the city of Cleveland and the state of New Jersey.

Corinne Reichert/CNET

Want the fastest mobile download speeds possible? Move to Cleveland.

A new report from mobile analytics company Opensignal on networks in 50 largest US cities found Cleveland to be providing double the speeds of last-placed Oklahoma City, at 16.9Mbps versus 32.8Mbps.

The top five fastest cities were Cleveland, Minneapolis, New York, Detroit and Pittsburgh, while the bottom five were Memphis, New Orleans, Riverside, San Antonio and, last of all, Oklahoma City.

State by state, OpenSignal found that the fastest speeds were in the north and north-eastern states, rather than "the tech hubs of the west coast".

"California, home to both Silicon Valley and the movie industry, ranked just 19th in download speed experience while Washington state, home to Amazon and Microsoft's HQs, ranked 16th," the company noted.

Mobile speeds state by state.


The fastest state was New Jersey, with speeds of almost 33Mbps, while bottom-ranked Mississippi is averaging speeds of just 12Mbps.

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Minnesota and North Dakota were also highly ranked.

On latency — the time it takes to load web pages using mobile networks — the top five major US cities were Baltimore, New York, Washington, Dallas and Philadelphia.

The cities with the slowest latency are New Orleans, Kansas City, Nashville, Louisville/Jefferson County and Memphis, according to the report.

With 5G coming in now, OpenSignal says its next report will show exactly what difference the new networks make to download speeds.

"Carriers will find it hard to sell 5G services unless 5G offers a better mobile network experience," it said.

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